Screen violations

The name of the blog was maybe the hardest thing to figure out. I ended up with one of my favorite pro-lingo phrases; “screen violations”. What is it?

It is a situation that can occur when in stereoscopic 3D films an object comes into the negative space of the Z axis (the space between the screen and the audience) – or, in other terms, something comes out at you from the screen. As the object is not actually three dimensional, but an illusion, it still must abide by the size of the screen. If the sides of the screen cut off any part of the object in a manner that is disturbing and brings you as a viewer out of the movie, that’s called a screen violation.

3D movies are out of fashion, almost as quickly as they became fashion. Or rather; they’ve assumed their place as one type of film entertainment, reserved for big-budget action and kids’ films.

I’d love to make a serious 3D drama one day. If they’d let me.



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