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HasBeenin kehittelystä ja kirjoittamisesta

HasBeen kaudet 1 ja 2 ovat nyt Yle Areenassa. Luonnollisesti ennen tähän postaukseen syventymistä suosittelen katsomaan sekä ne, että YouTubesta Dallas Vlod -spinoffin viisi jaksoa! HasBeenin kehittymisen voi katsoa alkaneen jo keväällä ja kesällä 2012 kun osallistuin Robin the Movie … Continue reading

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I like to Mōvi it

In 2013 Freefly Cinema introduced the Mōvi camera stabilizer to the world. I must have not been alone in drooling over the introduction videos. They had my curiosity, but when they promised it would work with the Red Epic, they … Continue reading

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Welhofilmi turns 25 years

I am trying to write screenplay pages, but since none seem to be coming out of me, I might as well update the blog. This spring I turned 30. I had been looking forward to it for quite a while. … Continue reading

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Truth will cut together

We are about to begin editing the film on Monday. What film? A little background: this summer we filmed most of my second feature film. We will have one week of shooting in November, but I’d say about 85 to … Continue reading

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Screen violations

The name of the blog was maybe the hardest thing to figure out. I ended up with one of my favorite pro-lingo phrases; “screen violations”. What is it? It is a situation that can occur when in stereoscopic 3D films … Continue reading

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Just set up WordPress. I’ve been looking forward to having a blog ever since I gave up my LiveJournal. I’m going to be writing on subjects mostly to do with filmmaking, my thoughts and experiences will play a large part. … Continue reading

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